Meet the artists

I make large ceramic sculptures, drawings and create live vocal performances. In the studio, I play with materials that are unstable and sometimes uncontrollable. Wet clay forms are placed into awkward positions. They lean, fall, slump. They press upon and play with each other.

George is an artist and a mixologist, meaning he makes lots of exciting blends of many weird and wonderful flavours for teas and scents. He is mainly interested in how people's imaginations work, so he asks the public to draw and act out feelings that we get from the different flavours that he creates. 

George Dunkerton
Deep In Thought, A1, acrylic paint, news
Abi Ola

I love to paint pictures of family members from old photographs. I focus on the shapes and patterns on their clothes to show what they are like. My favourite media is screen printing, painting and collage.

My work is inspired by atmosphere, nature and feeling. I use painting and drawing as a way of describing

 natural forms such as trees and rivers in a loose and expressive way. I also use the body as a subject to

 document sensitivity and experience inspired by music, running and daily life encounters

Not Again, 2020.JPG
Lydia Merrett
Margo Paixão Dimlić